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As far as I can remember, I have always been interested in Motorsports.

As a child, I often rummaged through the piles of my father’s F1 magazines, leafing them and looking up to the photos. I also remember Sundays with the Formula 1 Grand Prix sound in the background which my father watched religiously on TV. I did not understand much as a six years old boy but the seed of the passion for racing was sown in me, we were in 1977…

Much later I understood the fineness and the subtlety of Motorsports and realized beyond being athletes, the drivers were true heroes living only for the race to the detriment of their lives. The death of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger at Imola 94 has been a real electroshock and since that day I saw the Motorsport with another point of view… The atmosphere of the races, the beauty of the racing cars and the technical level of the teams never ceased to make me dream. I just can not do without it.

Always being attracted to the artistic side of each thing and as racing cars are for me real masterpieces, I decided to draw them to reproduce and immortalise their splendid lines.

From the very beginning of Last Corner, I chose to draw them in a side view pointing to the right (sense of occidental reading and direction of the future) using the 'ligne claire' technique while adding shadows and reflections to give my illustrations a more realistic style. But not only side views, I like to reproduce them in an orthographic view from the front, behind or from above. I also use 3D designs for some 3/4 views.

The Fine Art prints, posters or prints in the shop are original and digitally hand-drawn creations or 3D designs

I created Last Corner in 2017 thanks to my son Théo who is a big F1 fan. He asked me to draw the Ayrton's MP4/4 and once finished he absolutely loved the result and said to me: "Why not make a series of posters for F1 fans?". I then opened an Instagram account and as the welcome was really warm and friendly, I just pushed the adventure further...

Last Corner is dedicated to all cars enthusiasts or real Petrol-heads who want to complete their collection of models, memorabilia or photos with a print that will capture their favorite car. In addition to being reproduced as faithfully as possible (technical or mechanical parts, liveries, and sponsors) the cars are each represented in their version of a particular circuit.

Lastely, I had the chance to work for motorsport teams as well as private clients or magazines. I warmly thank them as well as my friends and partners for having never stopped to believe in Last Corner. Their trust and support drive me to move forward.

Thank you,

Alex | Last Corner

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