The prints are available in Landscape 50x40cm or Portrait 40x50cm orientation.

For other dimensions, please contact me.

The dimensions above are ready to fit the frames you will find in general home stores like IKEA, Amazon, lambda DIY shops, …


POSTER semi gloss surface 135g/m² (printed in Germany)

The Poster 135g/m² paper is bleached to a bright white and offers the perfect foundation for reproducing the original colours with remarkable richness. A semi gloss coating ensures it is incredibly robust and resistant to changes in temperature and splashes of water. This print is therefore the ideal choice for anyone who wants to display their image in an unusual location. The 8-colour latex print achieves a high colour spectrum and great longevity.

Please note: The print on the Poster paper will not be as sharp as the EPSON Gallery one.


EPSON Gallery Superior Ultra Matte 205g/m² (printed in France)

The EPSON Gallery Superior Ultra Matte 205g/m² is one of the most robust papers from EPSON. It is made of 100% cotton and has an ultra matte surface. With its soft and fine texture, this paper is very versatile and is just as well suited to colour prints as it is to deep blacks and pure whites. The EPSON Gallery is an amazing paper for all kinds of images and for high pictorial depth. Perfect for limited-edition art and fine art prints with its high sharp definition, soft fine texture and thickness.


The prints are carefully produced with the Giclée process to maximise colour accuracy and resolution. Giclée (French for “sprayed”) is a printing process where millions of ink droplets are sprayed to saturate the fibres of the highest-quality papers resulting in pure rich colours, deep blacks and remarkable details.

I do not manage the printing of the prints you will receive simply because the printing process is a real art in itself. I chose to work with a professional French printing company (Atelier Gaillandre) for the EPSON Gallery prints.
This company uses the most modern, super-wide-format printing system from Epson, the 12 colours Epson Surecolor UltraChrome Pro pigments prints to ensure the finest tonal gradation. 8 colours + 4 shades of black provide all the nuances and emphasise every detail. Pictures are reproduced at an ultra-high resolution of 2,400 dpi with perfect grey balance and extremely long-lasting colours that is true to the original.
The printing on the Poster paper is managed by a big German printing company.


If you wish to receive your print framed, we can manage it.
The frame you will receive with your Epson Gallery print is a Nielsen® C2 Frame.
The Nielsen® C2 has a minimalist, narrow and rectangular profile with a black brushed aluminium finish. It has a profile width of 18.2mm and a profile height of 10mm.
This Nielsen® C2 Frame is supplied with 2mm protective glass with finely polished edges.
It is ideal for framing a series of photographs, Fine Art, watercolors, etc to allow the print to stand out.